Into the Pyramid

A chill passage

It's not icy on the walls!

Setting out after resting in the shanty hut, the party moves on to the last unexplored region of the area. Just beyond the previously discovered staircase that lead up is a set of double doors.

The doors are heavy with frost and condensation. With some effort, Dore gets them open, and the room beyond’s floor is completely covered in sheer Ice! Ryun’Leh uses his recently mastered wall running ability to traverse the walls and ceiling to scout out each of the doors of the room and get a general idea of what’s inside. Sha’ar Gvishi uses his telepathy to ping the locations that Ryun scouted to get a more exact fix on what was inside.

While attempting to sneak in, the guards in the first room were alerted by some unfortunately timed falls on the ice. They burst out of their quarters and alerted the rest of their group. Thraxon attempted to reason with them in elvish, but they were fiercely protective of their ‘master’ and would suffer no intruders upon his domain.

Despite the early setbacks, the party was able to quickly route the generally unprepaired group of winter Fey. The Fey leader, a Blizzardspeaker and caster of cold based magic, proved slightly more elusive than her companions, but not quite enough to evade her fate. Their foe’s soundly defeated, the party carefully made their way around the chambers.

[5 Minute rest, EXP, loot]

After a brief rest, the party moved on to the next chamber. As they went forward, the chamber’s ceiling got higher and the air colder. They eventually got to a larger set of double doors and opened them, revealing the coiled figure of an Adult White Dragon across the chamber!


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