Into the Pyramid

A Dragon's Deal


[Continued from last session]
The Dragon is lounging coiled around a pillar of ice next to it’s hoard in the back of the room.

Sha’ar Gvishi uses his telepathy to ensure the party’s safe approach and intentions of peace. The Dragon agrees, and the party approaches, with Sha’ar and Dore in the lead, as they are the defacto communicators for this situation. After some discussion and negotiation, Sha’ar gives the Dragon one of the large sapphires that they found recently, in exchange for information. The Dragon is pleased by the gem, and agrees to give them information (rather than eating them).

While the Dragon does not have much information on Karavakos himself, Sha’ar does manage to convince him. After some more negotiations and bartering more of their gems away, the Dragon gives them several more items, including a mysterious Amethyst that the dragon says contains a similar energy to the one that had previously been discovered by the party on a hidden statue.

The party departs peacefully and the dragon works on arranging it’s new acquisitions on it’s horde.


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