Into the Pyramid

Catching up

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Ok, it’s been a while since I was able to update this Adventure log, so I’ll make a quick summary post of the last few sessions to keep from falling too far behind.

The party, after defeating the trap room, fought a running battle in a maze of souls against some Skeletons and Ghosts. They defeated them, but the maze was taxing on their resources.

After the maze, the party entered a room with a (non-functional) portal, a large black stone of Shadow energy, and a large curtain around an enchanted castle statue. They were set upon by Dark One’s who frequently shrouded them in darkness. As they engaged the Dark One’s, a shadowy figure flitted around the outskirts of the combat, throwing spells into the midst of the party and attempting to assail them from afar. The party managed to defeat all the Dark One’s, and upon confronting the shadowy figure, saw him to appear to be a shadowy version of Karavakos! After several heroic efforts were expended, the Shadow was defeated, burned to a crisp by Thraxon and his flaming bastard sword.

After defeating the shadow, and determining that he was not one of the 3 beings that they needed to defeat (but instead a shadow copy, created by some process, of the original) the party decided to take this opportunity to take an extended rest. At the end of that rest, they spent some time divying out spoils and transfering and enhancing magic items that they’ve found. Mindantis used that time to learn Disenchant Magic item from Sha’ar.

Another branch of hallway remains unexplored on this floor, and the party is now fully rested and ready to take it on.


And a good time was had by all – including all of our characters who now have 22,144 experience points.

Catching up

And a good time was had by all, including our characters, who are at 22,155 experience points.

Catching up

Posted at 2:43 AM? What? It’s 9:45 pm. Maybe it’s 2:45 AM where their servers are. And how can I edit/delete the post with the wrong number of experience points in it?

And why oh why does obsidianportal use a version of HTML CREATOR????

Catching up
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