Into the Pyramid


Not quite as bad as scarytown.

After their extended rest, the party moved to explore the other area of this floor that they had yet seen. Following the other set of double doors, they came to another, more ornate set of doors, decorated with motifs of crypts and undead.

After the usual door checks, Dore bursts open the door to reveal…. darkness. Lighting torches and swords and spells, they proceed into the room. Those with better vision picked out large rats in the burial niche’s along the walls, but the rats did not move to attack them.

While moving towards a set of doors along a nearby wall, Karter can stand the presence of the rats no longer (due to his encounter with them in the room full of bones) and lashes out at them! The rat falls easily, but the violence attracts the attention of the rest of the rats, as well as the Wraith waiting on the far side of the room! The party forms up and easily dispatches the rats. The wraith pops out and surprises Rothmir, but is quickly set upon by the rest of the party. During the course of the battle, the nearby doors, left partially open, emit the sound of 3 coffin lids being shoved off. 3 Wights join the battle shortly after. A series of deadly strikes cut down the wretched creatures before they have much chance to act however, as the party overpowers them quickly and then finishes off the Wraith.

During all of this, Fy had moved around to guard against encroachment from the other door, seemingly got bored, and started sifting through the burial niches for loot, and found herself a new holy symbol among the discarded bones of a long dead cleric.

The party searched the room and found several other magical items among the various burial niches.

The southern door, which Fy had previously checked, now lies as the way forward. Deeper into the darkness.


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