Into the Pyramid

Enter the Shardmind


[Encounter continues from last session]

Continuing where we left off, the party is fighting both monsters and the room itself. The walls formed barrier doors at 3 points, 2 of which are now broken down after repeated attacks. As soon as the second door goes down, a surprised Destrachan is quickly beaten down after it makes one last desperate sonic blast.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the room, Ryun’Leh and Thorvar are hacking/punching away at the weeping wound in the wall. Upon breaking through, they discover a large throbbing sack hung from the ceiling. They proceeded to do what comes naturally, punch it until it breaks. Tryn got the final blow that pierced the sack and revealed the now dying large tentacled brain within. With the brain dead, the flesh of the room started to rapidly dissipate.

[400xp for each PC, 5 Minute rest]

Karter recalls during the post battle rest, that the being that contacted him telepathically mentioned that he needed them to find an item, a piece of his body, somewhere in this room.

The party spreads out to search all the rooms of this warped chamber. The pyramid’s magic already seems to be discarding the warped and fleshy walls and reasserting it’s own architecture. Within the decaying walls, bones and equipment of previous victims of this chamber start to emerge. Thorvar using his keen dungeoneering skills, discerns that there is something larger lodged in the middle of the largest section of wall still remaining, and with two swings of his twin axes, cleaves a ‘clean’ hole in the wall, revealing a chest!

[Get loot items in addtion to the items belonging to Sha’ar who’s shard is also discovered, and picked up by Mindantis]

Sha’ar, speaking telepathically through Mindantis, thanks the party for locating his missing shard, and tells them to come back to the chamber containing the abomination. Upon entering the Vortex chamber, Dore steps forward with the shard, and upon getting close enough to the edge of the vortex, Sha’ar is able to reform his body! After giving his thanks and some brief info on the abomination, Sha’ar and the rest of the party get into position around the vortex, ready to attack.

Karter, attempting to discern if the 4 statues positioned around the vortex have any effect on it, pushes over a statue. It crumbles to the ground, and the Vortex is uneffected. Karter discerns no change in the vortex, and decides to try his magical senses. With some concentration and a bit of bardic knowledge, he not only determines that the Vortex is powered by something in the center of the vortex, but also to safely traverse the vortex itself by carefully moving through it’s chaotic energies. With that knowledge in hand, he charges through!

The rest of the party, seeing this bold action, begins to join him, charging in at the abomination in the center of the room. Not as helpless as he seems, the abomination lashes out with it’s tentacles at all around him.

The vortex, reacting to the sudden disturbance of several armored natural (and fey) creatures running through it, churns and blasts those close to it with brilliant prismatic rays!

Seizing on the temporary disorientation of the vortex’s onslaught, the abomination unleashes a mental assault on all around him, dazing those effected by the dizzying madness projected onto them.

The rest of the party (save Mindantis, who is wary of moving through the Vortex without discerning it’s methods and patterns) charges in to combat the abomination. The abomination aims a coiled tentacle tip at Karter, and emits a Prismatic Ray! It seems the beast has either learned some powerful magic, or is manipulating the powers that the vortex imprisoning him to his will.

[End session]


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