Into the Pyramid

Gorgons and the Ogres that love them

Alternate title: STONED

Upon entering the chamber to the south from the Demon mouth room, you encountered a Gorgon, and her Blinded Ogre bodyguard, amid the statued remains of the gorgon’s previous victims.

After some spectacular maneuvers from Ryun’Leh the Gorgon was forced out of hiding, and began unleashing her devastating petrification gaze. Her Ogre bodyguard tried in vain to swat away the unwanted attention, smashing one of the statues in the process but was unable to do much to shake the focus from the Gorgon.

Dore, suffering badly from the petrification effect, managed to break its hold long enough to unleash a devastating series of attacks upon the Gorgon, nearly felling it, before succumbing and being fully encased in stone!

Ryun’Leh flipped clean over the Ogre, but missed with what otherwise would have been a devastating attack, and smashed an adjacent statue instead.

Things were looking grim, but the remaining party members were able to down the gorgon, and Mindantis stepped through the ether and dispelled the petrification from Dore before it could fully turn her to stone.

Dore, a bit confused having not known the passage of time while petrified, took a swing at Ryun’Leh, who happened to be standing where the Gorgon had fallen previously. After a final effort, expending himself completely to make an extra swing at Dore, he was taken down.

Ryun’Leh, recalling some specific lore about Gorgons, used the blood of the fallen gorgon to reanimate the two smashed statues (with gruesome results) and the party was able to recover some items and treasure from the remains. They then revived the remaining intact statue, that of a Tiefling in Plate armor carrying a greatsword.

Bewildered and shaken after having been petrified for so long, he was shocked to be suddenly surrounded by strangers and in a different position then he last remembered. After some convincing that he was not in any danger by Fy and Karter he revealed that his name is Rothmir and he was originally from an ancient kingdom, one that predated the Empire of Nerath (which fell over a century ago). The revelation as to roughly how much time has passed in the outside world was shattering to him and it took several moments for him to recover the ability to even speak.

The party now turns to face the second gate, which appears currently to be a featureless iron door, with no discernible means to open it, with columns in the shape of snakes coiled around them.


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