Into the Pyramid

Punch the buildings down

You rolled what for your Dungeoneering check?

(5 Minute rest after Gorgon encounter)
(440 EXP is gained by each character)

Mindantis offered to calm down Rothmir and speak with him about the kingdom he remembers in order to better fill out the history of that long forgotten state, while the rest of the group tackled the gate in front of them.

After Karter deduced the purpose of the 3 gates they had to pass through to be a kind of test for initiates of some sort, the party faced another solid iron door with no discernible method to open it. As they approached the gate, it boomed out a message, telling them that only the blind and deaf would pass. Karter Dore and Ryun’Leh all covered their eyes and ears and walked through the gate. As they approached, the rest of the party saw the snakes on the columns surrounding the door appear to animate, poised to strike at them. Thorvar correctly deduced that this was an illusion. They waited, and Karter Dore and Ryun’Leh passed through the gate unaffected. The rest of the party then covered their eyes and ears and did the same. Karter, using his arcane senses, deduced that the party had now fulfilled the second of the three challenges to open the final larger doors to the South.

Retracing their steps back through the gorgon’s room and the hall of demon faces (which still were relatively friendly with them), the party moved on into their one unopened door in this area. It lead to a few hallways, as well as a stairway leading up. The party decided to move forward to the third gate, and were greeted with what appeared to be the large toothy maw of a generic devil. After some speculation about whether this too was an illusion, Karter, ever the bold follower of Avandra, sized the moment and walked into the doorway. The remaining party members witnessed what appeared to be Karter being rendered to bits by the chomping bits of the devil. However, upon some inspection, they decided it was probably an illusion. After a few more party members went through, and the exact same thing appeared to happen to them, it was determined that this was an illusion, and everyone else walked through, to find Karter and the others smiling on the other side.

The final gate solved, the main door was now open. There were two path’s open to the party, and after Dore investigated the weird seemingly alive hallway, they decided to go… anywhere else. Anywhere ended up leading them to a ramshackle church in a large chamber at the other end of the hallway.

The building, which turned out to be a church of sorts, had some strange chants coming from it in rough Primordial. Chants of allegiance to some Far Realm entity called the Keeper of the Way. Fy wasn’t quite sneaky enough in moving up to the side of the building, and smacked into Thorvar. This alerted those inside to the presence of outsiders and they began to get up to see what the noise was. Before they could fully rouse themselves, Dore, Thorvar, and Ryun’Leh burst through the wall! (which Thorvar discerned could be burst through without much effort) Thorvar ended up pushing the wall on top of one of the Foulspawn on the other side, surprising it enough to get a quick hit in with his offhand axe. The leader of this congregation of wretched and mutating humans was a Foulspawn Seer, who, using his demented form of telepathy, was able to sense the party, and was ready enough launch a sphere of twisted energies at Dore. Karter and Dore teamed up to disrupt and dispatch most of the congregation, while Ryun’Leh darted from foe to, dishing out punshing kicks and jabs. After the Seer teleported through the thin walls of the church, Thraxon pursued him by bursting through the wall and taking a swipe at him. But that last hit was too much, and the church collapsed in on itself, hurting and knocking everyone inside down under a pile of lose rubble. The party was far too strong for the Foulspawn to handle, barely putting up much resistance and never managing to turn the tide against them. Thraxon and Thorvar teamed up to finish off the last of them with a deadly pincer strike from both sides.

Upon searching the remains of the buildings and foes, the party found… nothing of much value at all. These were truly destitute individuals, with seemingly no possessions or materials concerns. Mindantis and Karter were able to find no magic at work in the area, but were nearly overwhelmed by the strong Far Realm presence coming from the room to the south of them…

(5 Minute rest is assumed)
(404 EXP is gained by each character)


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