Into the Pyramid

The second fall of Karavakos

Two down one to go

[Resume encounter from previous session]

The Abomination Karavakos is surrounded and pummeled by the party.

Sha’ar unleashes a mental assault on the abomination’s shattered mind that weakens it’s defenses enough to let the other party members land several powerful strikes that otherwise might have missed.

The Vortex draws several party members into itself, while the abomination attempts to force the foes surrounding him into the vortex and away from him.

Karter unleashes a devastating area effect the leaves the abomination open to Tryn ‘s precision strikes at it’s tender or vulnerable spots.

Crushing blow after crushing blow rain down upon the Abomination until finally, Thraxon delivers the killing blow, barely missing vital areas, but still delivering enough punishment to bring the abomination down!

With the abomination dead, the Vortex dissipates, and a sickly green orb of energy rises out of it’s corpse, hovers for a moment, then vanishes up into the ceiling above. Ryun’Leh narrowly missed tagging it with a fist before it vanished.

With the threat gone, the party begins to search the room. They find not much of value on the abomination, having long since shredded most of it’s humanoid clothing, save a belt which somehow remained intact. [belt is given to Ryun’Leh and his belt is given to Dore] While searching the rest of the room, Thraxon finds a small shrine to some Far Realm creature with 4 eyes and many tentacles. The pupil of each eye contains an exquisitely cut sapphire, worth 1000gp each. In addition, there are some small offerings left around it in various states of disrepair. The only remaining functional pieces are some footwear and a pair of goggles, both of which prove to be magical. Ryun’Leh nabs the shoes, while Tryn is given the googles, to aid in finding and disarming traps. Dore comes by and manages to find something that they missed, a mysterious and powerful Gem, able to replenish the powers of anyone who had already exerted a fair amount of effort that day.

[600 exp for each character. Level up to 10, 8 hour rest]


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