Into the Pyramid

Up to a dark path

Oh, that was a trap room

During an agreed to break to prepair before going to the next level of the pyramid Thorvar takes the opportunity to go locate and return with the head of Gharash Vren. While they waited for Thorvar’s return, Mindantis and Fy and Sha’ar took this time to exchange some rituals between their ritual books.

The party went up the stairs to find a hallway extending to the left and right, and another stairway ahead leading up to a locked stone door. The party split up and investigated each hall, which ended in double doors on both ends after turning. Neither side discovered anything about the doors. Tryn and Thraxon ascertained that their door was safe, so they gathered the group and took the northern path.

Beyond the door was another hallway and another set of doors. The party stealthed up to the door, Ryun’Leh doing so across the ceiling. While inspecting the door, Thraxon noticed that there was something off about the southern wall. After closer examination, the wall proved to be an illusion. Upon breaching the wall and passing through it, those in the party attuned to the arcane arts noticed a large magical disruption occur in the room beyond the doors to the east. Upon inspecting the room, they determined that there must have been some kind of magical trap or ritual in the room that they broke by passing through the illusory wall.

[500 EXP per character]

While inspecting the room, Fy found several (4 largeish) books that were empty and put them into her backpack. A smaller book that she had discarded was picked up by Sha’ar, who noticed a slight magical effect on it. Mindantis expertly examined the book, determining that a ritual had been used to hide information within the pages of the book, but none of them had a ritual to use to discern this currently, though said ritual is not beyond their power to learn. Mindantis also discovered a scroll of Linked Portal.

The rest of the party inspects the door on the other side of the fake wall. They hear wailing, moaning, and the clattering of bones.

Tryn unlocks the door easily, and they open the door into a ghastly room. The walls are made of a black stone with ghostly souls trapped within and Karter is able to determine that being too close to the walls will cause damage.

Before they could get too far into the room, a Skeleton with 4 arms and a scimitar in each rounded a corner nearby!

[End session]


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