Into the Pyramid

Catching up
Catch up post for the campaign

Ok, as a quick overview. Our heroes, after joining up with Karter Alegari and Thorvar on the way, have all become trapped inside an inter-dimensional prison via a small pyramid in a forest clearing.

They’ve cleared out the first level and have just entered the second floor.

On the first floor…

  • Karter Alegari had some bones fall on him for a while.
  • After an encounter in a library, they defeated Karavakos for the first of three times.
  • They encountered a succubus, disguised as a human woman, that was trapped in a room that would prevent others from leaving it by spawning some demons in front of them.
  • They unknowingly allied with and were betrayed by Gharash, but managed to avoid conflict with his gang.
  • They found an Eladrin Princess’s head in a bag then lost it.
  • They found said Princess’s body, then stripped it of it’s magic armor, wrapped the body in a cape, and Thraxon carried it into the ice room.

If you come up with other memorable encounters or tidbits, Add them! It’s pretty simple to edit these pages, and I can help you with the wiki linking if you need.


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